• Richland Area Pickleball Community

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    Welcome to the Richland Area Pickleball Community

    website. This website will give you information and opportunities to participate in the exciting pursuit of enhancing the Richland Township Park by adding Pickleball Courts.






  • The Exhibition was a wonderful success and a priviledge to attend. Two hours of great professional pickleball that raised about $28oo for the courts. Don't miss your opportunity to watch this event that was livestreamed on You Tube. Richland Area Pickleball Community extends a heartfelt thanks to the players and our home town mother Mary Remynse who is passionate about the courts becoming a reality and was very instrumental along with her daughters and the Kawamoto twins along with fellow professional Lea Janson in making this an unbelievable experience for all.

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    Healthy Community

    "So, offering physical exercise, mental exercise, and a likely mental health boost, in spite of its funny name, pickleball is a great way to have fun in a friendly setting while gaining health benefits at the same time."-Psychology Today


    Some Amazing Health Benefits of Pickleball



    Physical and Mental Benefits of Pickleball, With Fun Besides | Psychology Today



    Pickleball Health Benefits for an Aging Population - Pickleball Portal









    Our Pursuit of Pickleball Courts at the 32nd Street Park

    Welcome to Richland Area Pickleball Community (RAPC) website. We are a group of Pickleball enthusiasts who are working with Richland Township to bring a Pickleball facility to the Township Park on 32nd street. We anticipate completion of this project in the Summer 2023, but we need your help now!


    RAPC volunteers have been tasked with raising consciousness as well as funding. We are seeking $300,000 in donations towards building the courts. RAPC volunteers in conjunction with Richland Township are pursuing the objective to build 6 well designed and low maintenance courts, an ADA walkway, fencing, and a causeway gathering place. We cannot do this without community minded people like you!


    Update 03/16/2023

    RAPC in combination with Richland Township raised enough funds to submit the first round application for the Michigan Spark Grant. While we were not successful obtain this grant in the first round but there are two more application periods in 2023 and anticipation that other resources will be pursued.

    • Donate By Check – All donors who would like a receipt for their donations of $100 or greater should make their check payable to Richland Township with Pickleball Courts Fund 409 in the memo.

    Donations by check should be mailed to:



    P.O. Box 483

    Richland, MI 49083


    • Go Fund Me This donation method is for donations less than $100 and/or donors who do not need a receipt for tax deductibility purposes.
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    Donations by Check

    Make checks payable to Richland Township with Pickleball Courts Fund 409 in the memo field.

    Checks can be mailed electronically or through normal mail to:


    P.O . Box 483

    Richland, MI 49083


    We appreciate your generosity!

    You May Submit Optional Information With Your Donation By Clicking the Button Below

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    Please donate to our GoFundMe page by clicking the Donate Now button below.

    We appreciate your generosity!

  • FAQ's

    Is my donation going to a 501C3 organization?

    Richland Township is not a 501C3, but donations are tax deductible following IRS Publication 1771 and as such the township will mail a receipt to donors by January 31, of the year following the donation for the donor’s records.

    Where can I get more information about the proposed courts?

    Website: RichlandPickleball.com or email: RAPC.Michigan@gmail.com

    What happens if this project falls apart and courts are not built?

    If court construction fails to progress, donations of $100 or greater will be refunded by the township no later than 3 months after the court project is terminated.

    Why are there three options for donating?

    Richland Township can only take a check for donations (no credit card) but they will issue a receipt. GoFundMe allows for the flexibility of using a charge card. The Silent Online Auction provides another opportunity.

    Can I just drop my donation at the Township office?


    This is not the preferred method because RAPC is attaching the approved donation form and wants to express our gratitude for your donation. The preferred method is to mail it to RAPC, PO Box 483, Richland Michigan 49083, or hand it to a community member helping with the fund raising, but yes you can drop it at the Township if that is easier for you. The township requires an approved form that must include specification for the pickleball courts.


    Why is the community being asked to solicit funds?

    The township is not allowed to solicit funds; thus, community members have volunteered to take the lead on this. The donations are needed as “matching funds” for the Township to apply for a grant from the DNR and to show that the community is behind the Pickleball courts for the application.


    Why should I donate if I don’t play Pickleball?

    Courts will benefit the whole community by bringing people into our community and having a positive economic impact for the area businesses. The courts bring a different age group into the park using under utilized space at the park. It gives other users of the park an activity to try while their children practice their sport

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