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    Welcome to the Richland Area Pickleball Community

    website. This website will give you information and opportunities to participate in the exciting pursuit of enhancing the Richland Township Park by adding Pickleball Courts.






  • The Exhibition was a wonderful success and a priviledge to attend. Two hours of great professional pickleball that raised about $28oo for the courts. Don't miss your opportunity to watch this event that was livestreamed on You Tube. Richland Area Pickleball Community extends a heartfelt thanks to the players and our home town mother Mary Remynse who is passionate about the courts becoming a reality and was very instrumental along with her daughters and the Kawamoto twins along with fellow professional Lea Janson in making this an unbelievable experience for all.

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    Healthy Community

    "So, offering physical exercise, mental exercise, and a likely mental health boost, in spite of its funny name, pickleball is a great way to have fun in a friendly setting while gaining health benefits at the same time."-Psychology Today


    Some Amazing Health Benefits of Pickleball



    Physical and Mental Benefits of Pickleball, With Fun Besides | Psychology Today



    Pickleball Health Benefits for an Aging Population - Pickleball Portal








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